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Damaged Cargo...That's Our Business

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have some damaged cargo that needs to be salvaged, where do I start?
    • You can call us at 941-927-1232, send us an email at salvage@damagedcargo.com, use our web contact form or live chat us from this website.

      Let us know what you have, where it is located, the quantity, the extent and type of damage. The following documents are helpful in evaluating your loss:

      1. Inventory Documents
      2. Bills of Lading
      3. Inspection, Survey or Damage Appraisal Reports
      4. Photos
      5. Original Invoice

  • Do you liquidate everything?
    • Yes, we have diversified buyers throughout the US and Canada. Some of the many products that we can assist you with include: foods, steel, building materials, paper, electronics, general merchandise, heavy equipment, HVAC equipment, machinery, chemicals, raw materials, plastics, resins, films, bulk products, retail products, electronics, furniture, etc. We are here to assist you!

  • How long will the salvage process take?
    • At American Salvage Liquidators, our motto is "Time Is Of The Essence". We move quickly to mitigate your loss. If you have a time constraint, we will work within your parameters.

  • What do I do if the cargo has brand resrtictions?
    • Manufacturing or shipper sale restrictions can encumber the ability to salvage the inventory. If necessary, we are able to re-work products to render them brand neutral for sale into secondary markets.

      Regarding food products, we can re-label and re-box, obliterate branding on boxes or sell directly to prison/correctional facilities or food banks.

  • What if there are outstanding charges owed against the cargo?
    • To expedite the process, we have the ability to pay these charges on your behalf via bank wire transfer, credit card or overnight check. These charges would then be deducted from the salvage proceeds.

  • How do I send you the necessary information about my claim?
    • You can use the form provided on this website by clicking here.

      You can send us an email at salvage@damagedcargo.com.

      Of course, you are always welcome to give us a call. Our number is 941-927-1232.

  • Who is American Salvage Liquidators and what is DamagedCargo.com ?
    • American Salvage Liquidators is a family operated business. Initally called Worldwide Sales & Liquidations founded in 1989, we changed to American Salvage Liquidators as our company grew. We are dedicated to assisting you with any type of damaged cargo.

      DamagedCargo.com is a tool to better acquaint you with our organization and make it more convenient for you to communicate with us about your claim.